Meaningful Reform

We need meaningful police reform for the safety of both our community as well as our police officers. Here are some fair, just and reasonable reforms that can be enacted immediately to improve the culture of policing and our community well-being.

We need to invest in community policing.

Numerous studies show that community policing (working alongside public rec centers, Police Athletic Leagues, structured after school programs, mental health professionals, and diversion programs for at risk youth etc.) play a major role in reducing crime and creating trust within at risk neighborhoods. 

Why is City Council only spending $2.5 million out of a $430 million dollar budget on this?    

It’s inexcusable.

I will work to increase the amount of money we spend on community policing every year for the collective benefit of our officers, neighbors, and city. We need to focus on hiring officers who will serve in their own neighborhoods.

I will work closely with APD to ensure that police officers are assigned to the neighborhoods where they live. This way they can be personally accountable to their neighbors.

Enhanced Training


Let’s provide ways for our officers to become better at controlling a dangerous situation without having to either hurt or use deadly force against suspects. If our officers were more confident in their hand to hand combat abilities and de-escalation techniques, Mike Ramos might never have been shot.  I propose comprehensive training that includes immersive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, Meditation and Grappling.


Let’s get rid of the bully mentality.

There is no greater dose of humility then by getting defeated in wrestling by someone who is a lot smaller than you.  A healthy dose of humility would greatly benefit many of our police officers. Jiu-Jitsu improves self-confidence and improved self-confidence makes you less likely to abuse your power and bully other people.


Better at De-escalation.  

Police are more likely to remain calm in a stressful situation when techniques learned in martial arts, yoga, and meditation are firmly in their toolbox.


Improved Composure

Techniques found in many Mixed Martial Arts disciplines help to improve not only the body but also benefit mental composure. And that composure is paramount when dealing with a stressful situation on the street.



Often times police officers justify using excessive or deadly force by claiming that they were afraid for their lives. If our officers are more comprehensively trained, then there will be a plethora of incidents where that excuse will go out the window. When officers are properly trained they have a full repository of techniques available to help mitigate any potential circumstance before having to resort to using excessive or deadly force.

Require EMT Certification
Police officers are often the first responders to any scene of an accident, crime, or other incident. These officers do not currently have the medical expertise to attend to victims. It therefore stands to reason that they should possess a EMT certification so they can administer proper care while waiting for paramedics to arrive. A countless amount of lives could be saved as a result of this, and it would help to shift the narrative of how society views police officers in a positive light.


Balancing the Budget

We need to conduct an audit of all wasteful administrative spending so that we ensure there are enough resources to hire more police officers, improve training, and increase the amount of funding geared towards community policing without spending a penny more.

Quality and Quantity Matter

We’ve got to ensure that our police are well trained, and that there are enough officers in and around our neighborhoods to respond to calls efficiently and effectively. Mindfulness and comprehensive de-escalation techniques are the keystones of reform.

Independent Review Boards

Officer involved shootings along with other allegations of police brutality, racial profiling, etc. need to be investigated by an impartially objective 3rd party in order to determine the best course of action for dealing with any allegation of misconduct.

Amazingly, City Council is so unimpressed with the latest figures on criminal behavior that they’ve decided to cut over 100 officer positions and funding for officer trainings by over 10 million dollars despite:

10%  More Property Crimes

15%   More Aggravated Assaults

21%   Increase of Auto Thefts

40%  Increase in Vagrancy



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